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The Hardwood Flooring Company

Reno’s biggest selection of,
“Wow, I’ve never seen this before!”

From traditional to daring, you’ll ooh and ahh over our incredible selection of the highest quality flooring – and have fun seeing the inspiring ways to use them for a distinctive look that’s all yours.

Impressive value

  • Short turnaround times
  • Distinctive and rare flooring at extremely fair prices
  • No hidden fees – ever
  • Dependable delivery times to keep your project on schedule
  • Local owners who know local flooring demands

360⁰ knowledge for incredible results

30+ years of nonstop learning. We love what we do. After 30 years in flooring, we never stop learning about the latest technology, trends, and care. Because of this, many consider us the Reno area’s flooring experts. And if you ask a question that stumps us, we promise to research it and get a proper answer to you right away.

Experienced project managers. We’ve managed flooring projects from single family homes to large casinos. From this experience, we can foresee (and avoid) possible trouble spots, plus creatively work around other project demands. As a result, your floor’s installed properly, safely, and on time.

Direct manufacturing relationships. Over the decades, we developed incredible relationships directly with major flooring manufacturers. So we can source exclusive materials or patterns difficult to find elsewhere. We’re known as the go-to people for getting what others can’t…and doing it at a very fair price.

Unbeatable local knowledge. Living here for over 40 years, we know how local area temperatures, humidity levels, and seasonal challenges affect wood. That’s important because even wood cut hundreds of years ago will never stop responding to its environment.

Whether your install’s happening during a Lake Tahoe winter or during a Reno summer, we’ll provide critical guidance for choosing, preparing and installing your wood floor. So you see consistently beautiful results that last for generations.

Unwavering reliability

We believe working with us should feel like you’re working with a trusted friend. This means:

  • You always get honest and direct answers
  • You’re never pressured or rushed into a decision
  • Internal checks and balances ensure your order arrives accurately and on time
  • We thrive on educating to help you make a confident choice
  • We get back to you quickly so you can make decisions faster
  • We do what we say

Flooring that’s safe for loved ones and kind to our planet

Before making your flooring decision, we believe you should know the whole picture. This includes where your wood’s sourced, whether it includes formaldehyde, VOCs, and other toxins. We believe in providing the whole story, so you can choose a floor that truly supports your needs, aesthetics, and values.

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