Created with beauty and durability

In design, the vision’s often compromised to fit an existing product. We think that’s backwards. Instead, we expertly choose the right products to create your vision. Under one roof, you’ll see the most coveted flooring available…that’s also made with industry-leading quality. This means your beautiful vision will withstand daily life and endure for many, many years. So come in, unwind, and let your creativity play.

Hardwood floors instantly warm a room. Wood elevates rooms, making them feel welcoming, reassuring, and enduring. Today’s advanced technology provides all of the comforting and high-fashion benefits wood delivers, while giving you the flexibility, durability, and customization you never thought possible.

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Eco-Friendly Flooring Reno's Flooring Company

Sustainable or eco-friendly floors are harvested, produced, and eventually disposed of in a way that creates lower environmental impact. We only choose manufacturers who ethically source their raw materials and use low VOC adhesives. The brands we align with are known for their commitment to our environment, while producing an extremely durable and beautiful high-end product. So you truly can have it all.

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Alternate Flooring

Easy to install, highly durable, easy to clean, and budget-friendly. These alternative flooring choices enhance fashionable designs while supporting the practical demands of daily life.

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The Hardwoos Flooring Company Reno Carpets

Carpets aren’t only insulating and comfortable, they also provide unlimited design flexibility. Materials range from natural fibers like wool to synthetics. And eco-friendly options such as fibers made from recycled plastic bottles. With customizable designs, multi-level textures, endless colors, and so many different materials, carpet remains a popular choice for designers who want to express their vision while providing practicality.

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